About Florabank

Florabank is a consortium committed to the improvement of the seed sector in Australia. We offer guidelines, tools, techniques, and case studies for practitioners involved in native seed harvest, storage and usage.

We offer seed knowledge, information on restoration practices and guidelines, and training and networking for the seed community to support sustainable harvest and usage

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We are a trusted source of information and guidance for restoration practitioners and policy makers . Florabank  provides the native seed (collecting/restoration seed banking) community with better access to current scientific and practitioner knowledge that can help to improve on-ground outcomes for native flora conservation through better planning, collection, processing, storage and use of native seed. It also aims to provide a code of practice for native seed collectors to recognise they are not operating in isolation and that their actions are part of a broader sector that puts pressure on wild populations of native seed. The Florabank guidelines should support sustainable harvest and use throughout the sector. ​

We support a community of practice that delivers best practice native seed harvest and people who make a living from native seed, those who want to make a living from native seed, those who provide best practice advice around native seed and education and connection who wish to use native seed.